Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Body Issues??? Take a concrete pill!

NO one really has the perfect body.  Some get close but not as close as I think, apparently… 

Husband and I were looking at a magazine article on a favorite model citizen of mine and I casually mentioned that she had an amazing body.  Husband at that point grabbed the magazine and looked at her, hard, a lot, from all angles, then flicked some pages and after quite an inappropriately long period of time (in my opinion!) he said, its ok but its not very real.  A BIG discussion was then entered into about what is a great body, how men view women’s bodies and so forth.

Later that week I took the mag to a girls catch up and casually mentioned the same thing.  Totally different result – “ooh yes her thighs are amazing”, “she has such a flat stomach”…  “I wish I had her figure” was really the general consensus.  Summing up several hours of discussion with both groups – it seems men just think differently and women are way too hard on own body image.

So yes I still would love thinner thighs, a flatter stomach and no double chin but without a lot of surgery I don’t think I’m going to get there.  Thus I have decided we need to take a concrete pill, put on our big girl pants, harden up (which ever statement suits you best) and learn to dress so our positives are accentuated.

Now the first think I hear you all say is “positives”???  YES we all have great areas.  You might need to ask your friends (your really good friends) what they are, but find them and LOVE them.

Whether you subscribe to the theory of dressing for your body shape (pears, apples, rectangles and hourglasses unite!), or whether you like to follow the theory of dressing your body shape so it looks more like the ultimate hour glass figure, choose a theory and stick to it.

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